Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Temper Trap and The Virgins at Stream Sessions

I went to London last week to check out some Aussies and some Americans:THE VIRGINS

Stream Sessions, London, 23/04/09

Following in the recent footsteps of Sydney bands Angus & Julia Stone and Ghostwood, Melbourne's The Temper Trap (above) have relocated to England. Before embarking on a host of European festivals, including a spot on The Camden Crawl and at Brighton's Great Escape, they touted their talents at an industry session in central London.

Despite bassist Jonny having the handicap of an amp that refused to work for much of the gig, the show was still typically enthralling. Sweet Disposition, as always, was a highlight, and, the longer the set went on, the louder the cheers from the packed room became. "Wow, that free booze is really starting to kick in," vocalist Dougy suggested with misplaced modesty after a particularly lengthy ovation from a crowd that knew little-to-nothing about the Australians before they had hit the stage. On this showing, the Victorians are set to make waves when their debut album hits the shelves later this year and, quite simply, if England doesn't take to The Temper Trap, then England is wrong.

The Virgins (above) arrived on a wave of hype. Frontman Donald Cumming - shirtless and with bow tie - swaggered around stage, hands on hips like the bastard child of Mick Jagger. Maybe it was due to the slightly muddy sound in the room, but their songs lacked the sleazy electro edge of their self-titled debut album. Okay, so there was nothing especially wrong with their show, but it was hard to see why people are getting just so excited about this bunch of New Yorkers. Sure, songs like Rich Girls were fun and, if The Strokes had never happened, then The Virgins could certianly be considered new and exciting. But The Strokes did happen, like, eight years ago, and it's hard to shift the feeling that it's all been done before. And better.


SC! said...

Firstly, the Temper Trap are amazing!!! Secondly, I love The Virgins... though the comparisons to The Strokes are inevitable, it's The Virgins who are here doing their thing and I hope they enjoyed their time in the U.K and come back soon! X

Bobby Six said...

Yeah, I'm certainly willing to give The Virgins a fair chance. They weren't bad at all, I just think the hype machine instantly put me off them. And they were very Strokesy. My mate referred to them as 'the poor man's Strokes.' Harsh? Maybe. Funny though.

Anonymous said...

The Temper Trap were a load of bollocks, why are they here in London.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine told me the temper trap didnt even write their music , they paid a producer to make them. This band is lame

Bobby Six said...

Your friend is wrong.

Anonymous said...

And the most marketed pushed hyped corporate guinea pig band for 2009 goes to TADA. the temper trap


Anonymous said...

Someones putting alot of money into this band because their music is rehashed boring over produced rubbish. I wonder how much money they have given to radio stations and magazines to tell people that this is the next big band, oh they must be great because thats what they tell you.DUH.?


Bobby Six said...

Wow, so much hatred for Temper Trap. I fail to see why. Having seen them live a few times, I really find them to be an exciting band who write great big, rousing songs.

Also, by all accounts they are really, really lovely, down-to-earth guys.

If you don't like them, that's fine, but I think, in this day and age, it's unlikely that people are putting loads and loads of money into a little indie band from Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

How do you think they are playing at all those festivals moron.MONEY TALKS.

Bobby Six said...

Moron? Brilliant!

That last point doesn't make sense, Anonymous. Take someone like, I don't know, Jeffrey Lewis. He plays at loads of festivals and has no money behind him at all.

And, anyway, even if someone is putting money into TT, so what? Lots of bands - good bands - have a bit of financial clout behind them. It's the way it's always been. To be honest, I don't know how much money is being put into TT (I still suspect, in these times of financial uncertainty in the music biz, that it isn't much) and, don't get me wrong, I adore lo-fi indie stuff (the Moldy Peaches are one of my favourite bands ever), but it's naive to think that money doesn't play a part in the promotion of music. If something is good then it's good, regardless.

But, if you're going to resort to namecalling then I'm not really interested in what you have to say anyway 'Anonymous'.