Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting To Know... Sweet Jane


In the latest of the Getting To Know... series, Sweet Jane vocalist Lydia Des Dolles talks to about Dublin, eight-hour ferry rides, and her defining albums:

It's hard to describe Sweet Jane's sound. Since our debut album, Sugar For My Soul, was released, the media have been throwing around 'Dream Pop Rock 'n' Roll' which has been the best. I like the sense of imagery it gives. We wanted Sugar For My Soul to be a story for the listener. The record represents our story over the past two years and gives an insight into where we were as a band and in our personal lives. For me personally, I'm very private, but the songs contradict that because you're telling anyone that will listen how you feel. But all in all, we just want people to know we're a Rock 'n' Roll band.

It might surprise people to learn that when I recorded for the first time with [guitarist/vocalist] Danda, I was so embarrassed about singing I made him sit two rooms away, and then got in a wardrobe and brought the microphone in with me. To record for the first time was very nerve-wracking and I was so embarrassed that Danda would think I was a terrible singer. He hadn't ever heard me sing. We'd just met. I just remembering him telling me, 'I know we're meant to start a band together'.
We've all got such different music tastes. I know the boys are really into Guided By Voices, Bad Leuitentant, The Stooges and Dead Can Dance, and Danda is really into the new Black Mountain record. The records that sort of raised me are Definitely Maybe by Oasis, Hole's Live Through This, The Velvet Underground's Loaded and The Stranger by Billy Joel. These bands are part of my history. Thats when music is taken to a completely different level, imprinting on people.
Our album is definitely something we are very proud of. Its easy for us to be in this band, but it wasnt always. We were up against a lot at the start, just in our own lives, so it was hard to get focused. Doing this record was almost like an unspoken argument we all had with each other, y'know? We all kind of knew that this was it; there was no going back. We've achieved a lot in the short couple of years as a band, but it's nowhere near as far as we want to take this, so we've just got to keep on writing and touring, and get ready for the second record.
Dublin will always be a special place to me. I wasn't born Dublin but I've lived here for almost six years. There's two places in the world I feel very much at home, Dublin and New York. They're quite similar in alot of ways, in terms of community and atmosphere. Although Dublin has been very good to our band, I dont know how long we will see ourselves here. Now that the record is going to be released in the UK, its seems more logical to move back over there. It's certainly a lot cheaper then travelling each time, that's for sure

In five years time we'll hopefully have toured the ass off of Sugar For My Soul and will have released album number two. Its hard planning for next week when you're in a band, never mind five years time. I just get sent an itinerary or a schedule and I go with that. I never complain or ask questions, I just do it. It's not really the best job if your good at complaining. You're certainly tested at 5am when you have to leave a hotel to get a 6.30am eight-hour ferry whilst looking forward to the 12-hour drive when you get off. But, all-in-all we are a very lucky band. If I'd have known Rock 'n' Roll was going to be so much fun, I would have started a long time ago.

For more about Sweet Jane and to hear some songs from their debut album, visit their Myspace page.

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