Friday, March 04, 2011

Getting To Know... Erin Marshall

Sydney-based singer/songwriter and all-round lovely human being, Erin Marshall, talks to about her music, her inspirations and how David Bowie's tights in Labyrinth traumatised her:

I would describe my sound as temporary. Undecided. Simple. It hasn't settled anywhere yet. Some would say acoustic and folky, but I think it's only been that way based upon limitations. It's always honest, but even when it is deep, it's easy as a ball of string to unravel. It isn't polished. It's full of flaws, but happy being what it is. I feel best when my hair is unbrushed, my jeans are ripped, and my feet are bare. I hope that is represented by my music. I prefer a mixed entree to a featured meal. There is so much music to be written and explored that it would be rude of me to limit myself to one style. I think I'd be ripping myself off. And stunting my growth. I'm short enough as it is.

I take inspiration from people.
People that walk down the street unashamedly talking to themselves. They don't give a shit and it's great. It inspires me to say, or write, whatever I want. That makes me happy.
People I don't know that say hello or good morning.
The elderly; they know so much more than we give them credit for.
People that have drive and motivation, that make sacrifices for their love. It's something I need to work on.
People: they are everything. Why else do we do what we do?

Music makes me...
Express what I couldn't say in the moment.
Figure things out.
Very lucky.

Sydney is diverse. The grittiness of Kings Cross, the 'don't give a fuck' of Newtown, the beautiful people and the beautiful breasts at Bondi Beach. The rivalry in Paddington between the A-Class and the Young & Trendy. The magical lights of the Harbour Bridge and Luna Park reflecting on the water. The Slurry of Hills, The Rocks and its chaos, The Darling hearted Harbour. Just when you think you've got some place figured out.... a gem surfaces. You find something from underneath... a talent, a story, history and you realise, at heart, we all just want to belong. Sydney is a home/host to so many untold stories. It's magical.

It might surprise people to learn that David Bowie really scared me as a kid (the white see-through tights from Labrynth... ugh), but I had huge crushes on Prince and Michael Jackson. It makes me feel weird now. I used to have dreams that they rescued me.... not sure from what from. But there was a spaceship involved.

Don't hate me, but
I don't really listen to music. I don't know the big all-time artists. I never grew up around it. I am well aware of the amount of music out there that deserves my attention. But it overwhelms me... I don't know where to start... I can't keep up. A friend of mine makes me mixtapes as a means to educate me. But by the time I put it on to listen, there is already another mixtape waiting for me. Then I feel like I am falling behind in my homework... I really admire people's dedication to their music.

My favourite songs are tunes from the early 90's....Charles and Eddie's Would I Lie To You and Ain't No Doubt by Jimmy Nail the one-hit-wonder. These, without fail, make me feel amazing.

Aside from music, I dabble in acting as a hobby. I also collect rocks. Buttons. I sew. I keep scrap books of things I like. I feel anxious when my room is messy... yet I find it so hard to keep it clean. Culprit = Procrastination. I take a lot of pleasure in simple things. I figure so long as I am poor, I know how to be happy with nothing.

Interview by Rob Townsend. Photos by Emma Daniels.

Visit Erin's Myspace page here and check out the video for Turn It Around below.

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