Thursday, August 18, 2011

Exclusive Anna Lunoe interview!

DJ Anna Lunoe is the Australian ambassador for this year's Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project. We grabbed a few words with her about her role in the project, her ideal night out and who she would most like to swap lives with...

What was it about the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project that made you want to get involved?
Well, first things first I have kinda been living and breathing nightlife for over five years, so that’s a start. I first got involved with Smirnoff at last year’s exchange when I DJ’d at the Brazilian show at the Metro [in Sydney] and the concept definitely caught my imagination. Experiencing another culture is so exciting. I love the music that is coming out of the internet revolution; sharing sounds has led to such amazing innovation in music. Young artists are growing up being exposed to all kinds of music sub-cultures, and then going on to create music that is absolutely different from anything that has come before. So yeah, I'm a big supporter of that concept in general. Any way I can encourage it I will!

Can you talk us through the role you will be playing in the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project?
My role is to oversee the representation of Australian nightlife overseas, and also to help with Australia’s own celebration - plus I will definitely perform at the events of course! I really wanna encourage everyone to get involved on the Smirnoff Australia facebook page and tell us what how you want Australia to be represented to other countries too. My role is just to bring the awareness to the public, not to dictate what is or isn't special about Australian nightlife.

What would your ideal night out consist of?
My favourite nights out are with my friends when we happen to have nights off. We get a good dinner, then hit up our favourite spot where we know the music will be good and we can run amuck with a like-minded crowd. At the moment that’s at my friend Jimmy’s club, Goodgod (editor's note: this is also somewhere that the good folk of have, on many occasions, danced until we can dance no more). Usually on my nights "off" we throw impromptu parties down there. Believe it or not, my idea of a night out is still DJing. DJing is definitely a part of partying in my eyes! In the right environment it’s a blowing-off-steam thing for me, as well as a job.

What makes Australian nightlife unique?
This is tricky to pinpoint really but I think we have a real style when it comes to music. I feel like Australian dance music is pretty positive and uplifting as a general rule. It's a pretty fair reflection of our cultural landscape (most of the time!). The music is built for outdoor festivals. That’s how I feel anyway but I would very much encourage everyone to hit up the Smirnoff Australia facebook page and tell me what YOU think the scene is like.

Australia aside, where in the world would you like to have a night out?
Maybe somewhere in South America? Or Portugal would be amazing. I love the kuduru sounds coming out of there. Also, of course as a massive UK bass fan, I would love go out a lot more in the UK.

If you could exchange lives with anyone in the world for one night, who would you choose?
Annie Mac! She hosts a new dance show on the BBC in the UK and gets to DJ at all these ridiculously amazing festivals across Europe. She even gets to curate her own festival stages (Annie, if you are reading this through some wonder of the internet, life swap?)

Interview by Bobby Townsend

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