Thursday, November 24, 2011

Faker give their new album away for free!

Today, Faker wrote an open letter to their fans. It went on a bit, so we've edited it down slightly. Here's the gist: 

We are giving our record away. For free. The point and excitement in writing and releasing Get Loved is in danger of being missed. We made Get Loved, our third record, a year ago with a view to releasing it right away. In complete candidness, we'd probably have released it in a matter of days if we could but as the machinery around delivering a record began to kick into gear, it was decided that Get Loved would not be released until June of this year. That seemed reasonable - whatever works for the record, you know? The writing, recording, releasing, promoting and touring of Be The Twilight was a wonderful experience, and it definitely felt like something we could grow from, but the band didn't make sense by the end of it, and from a band perspective, the industry didn't make sense. We found ourselves wondering - how could we have made a record so heard and celebrated in this country and not have it make an utterance anywhere else?

Nic and I wrestled with this a little and decided to make a record that was wholeheartedly about creating a future for the band. We stripped the line up back to just the two of us [...] We set up a studio in our house and made it a total labour of love. It's an adventure we're immensely proud of having taken. I guess we're still taking it.

Through its completion and the ensuing year, a revolution in management, record companies swiftly evolving, and the band itself having its own necessary evolution, all eventually lead to the unimaginable conclusion of activity and excitement around this release grinding to a virtual halt. A new release date too distant to really seem credible sprung up. January 2012? Really? We've made something we love here, and suddenly we're in danger of losing it. You love something, you set it free right? A less than well-attended tour, people unsure of who or what the band is, it swiftly became, or has become, apparent to ourselves and the powers that be, that a January release date wont work. After some careful negotiations with aforementioned working comrades (I should note here that the team at EMI have been incredibly supportive and gracious here, particularly in letting us do this remarkable thing), we as a team have figured out that we can give our record away for free. And get to work on the next one - like we were always meant to.

For those of you that have been incredibly patient and have made the effort to discover and listen to our new music, we thank you and want you to know that we're doing this for you. If we hold this record back any longer, it'll just feel like we're taking the piss, [...] For now, Faker [...] are heading back into the studio to start work on our new record. [...] We hope to share new music with as soon as possible. Hmm ... Whatever works for the record? Yes, of course. I truly believe that the thing that can most work for this record, Get Loved, is giving it away and allowing it to have some of the life it was meant to have. The record will be available for download from December 2nd from midday at 

Please, let your friends know, and enjoy. Nathan x

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