Monday, January 02, 2012's End of Year Review 2011 - The final results!

Over the past few days we've brought you a whole bunch of 'best of' lists from 2011. In that time, the number crunchers in Bobbysix Towers have been busy totalling everything up in an attempt to draw some conclusions. As well as our knowledgeable writers giving their opinion and our industry buddies telling us what's on their stereo, for the first time ever we've invited the general public to contribute. So, if you don't agree with the winners of our End of Year Poll, don't blame, blame stupid democracy. Here goes:



Of all of the categories in our end of year poll, Album Of The Year offered the broadest spectrum of nominees, as voted for by the readers and writers of Varying degrees of folk were represented by strong showings for Laura Marling, Bon Iver and Caitlin Park, while chunky guitar riffs won lots of votes in the form of Foo Fighters and The Black Keys. Meanwhile, Veronica Falls and The Jezabels waved the flag for melodic indie. However, in the end, it was the ever-inventive, ever-relevant Radiohead (pictured, above) that were victorious, with their album The King of Limbs. Not only was it a quality record but, delightfully, it was given away for free on the band's website. On 18th February, with little fanfare and, indeed, a day ahead of schedule, guitarist Ed O'Brien posted online: "It's Friday... It's almost the weekend...It's a full moon....You can download The King of Limbs now if you so wish!"


Song of the Year: CAMERAS - DEFEATIST

Husky's History's Door was popular, Kimbra was well-represented for Cameo Lover and for her collaboration with Gotye and Bon Iver received the biggest number of collective votes (but for different songs). But it was Sydney trio Cameras who received the most love for the fantastic Defeatist. Great song and a great video, in which The Preachers' Isabella looks simply beautiful. Bravo.


Gig of the Year: THE GRATES - The Metro, Sydney, 12th November

This was a three-way race between The Grates, Seeker Lover Keeper and Florence + The Machine. The Brisbane band eventually won it by a single vote. Here's our review the show in question:

In Patience Hodgson, The Grates boast one of the most appealing lead-singers in the business. She announced her arrival on stage by bouncing up and down on the spot like an over-excited kid at Christmas and was crowd-surfing by the conclusion of the second song. Looking splendiferous in a sheer blue blouse and red skirt, the front-woman constantly engaged the audience in banter, accepted roses from besotted fans, handed out glow-stick bracelets and got members of the crowd to make out. It was impossible to take your eyes off her. During songs, she bounded around the stage and danced like the biggest dork in the world, her limbs flailing in every direction. It is very apparent that Hodgson just wants to have fun, without caring a jot about being cool. And that, of course, makes her cooler than most. As Young Pricks brought the set to a frenzied end, the band's performance demanded an encore, which closed with the giant sweary singalong of Inside, Outside. With the beguiling combination of infectious pop, meaty post-grunge and a singer that owns the room with her utter lust for life, tonight once again proved that to see The Grates live is to best understand them (read the full review here).
"Oh wow," Patience tweeted having read our review of the night. "Perceptive review, I AM A DORK. It's undeniable, it's who I am. I drink Sugar Free Caffeine Free Coke = DORK." Not just any old dork either, Patience, but our favourite dork. And we can't think of a bigger compliment than that.


Film of the Year - DRIVE

This was a close battle between Submarine and Drive, with the latter just edging it in the end. Two very different films - one sweet, charming and funny, the other edgy and violent. Both had good soundtracks though.


So, that's it. Another year over. Thanks for reading in 2011. The site has gone from strength to strength over the past 12 months and it's because of you. Well, actually, it's down to a small gang of people spending a lot of hours in front of the laptop, on the phone and in sweaty music venues, for no money, but simply for a love of doing what we do. But if you didn't read our words, then there would be no point in any of this. As the song goes, everything we do, we do it for you. In 2012, we're relaunching the site with a new name, more writers and a prettier, user-friendly look. We hope you'll join us.

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