Friday, June 08, 2012

Brighton Fashion Week 2012 - The Brighton Frocks show

Alice Parsons took in the first show at the 2012 Brighton Fashion Week:

The 2012 Brighton Fashion Week ‘Catwalk show’ at All Saints Church, Hove, had all the pre-show excitement, anticipation and awesome looking guests of previous years. Also the same lengthy queue for the bar (allowing more time for outfit perving). And the promise of an entire week’s worth of fashion to follow.

I had the great fortune of being seated on the front row, close enough to the catwalk to see every sequin and goose pimple. Also possibly close enough to be blinded by the whirlwind of an opener that was Celia Arias designs. A display of outlandish characters took to the catwalk. An evil puppet mistress steered a sumptuous Japanese puppet into view. They were followed by a cautious gollum sporting a skull and plastic aeroplane helmet, who checked his surroundings before beckoning a shy green monster onto the stage in Little Sister, Big Daddy style.

Latex was next, Lucky Dame showcased a collection of naughty, nude and pastel colored dresses led on by stunning BFW model Tess Georgia Dimos (pictured below). Despite latex’s saucy vibe, the outfits still had something cute about them, although along with Arias' creations perhaps fall into the not so wearable on a daytime/public spaces basis.

Frantic About Frances followed. The range of vintage style boudoir underwear is glamorous enough to get the sailors wolf-whistling whilst still looking pretty damn comfy. At this point my neighbour turned to me and asked ‘Are the gussets big enough?’ to which I replied ‘Yes, I think they are’, a special moment and a rarity in modern underwear, I’m sure some will agree.  It was also brilliant fun getting into the vintage spirit with a burlesque striptease and union jack waving.

Aneta Mackonyte’s ‘Rainbow Warriors’ are influenced by Tibetan, Mayan and Incan mythology. ‘I am trying to unite my own knowledge and emotions by mixing fantasy and the everyday in a child-like way.’ Mackonyte explains. Happy models, wearing relaxed chunky layers echoed her message. Clashes of tribal prints, bright woven fabrics, bear hats and knotted prayer flags would be great for snugly winter outfits.

Other highlights included feisty punks at Charles of London and Flash Gordon futurism at Shara Haze. The hairy zombie men clawing at us from the catwalk were also a big hit. Student and BFW fan Astrid Harbour commented, ‘What Jylle Navarro created with a pair of knitting needles was absolutely extraordinary’. My only complaint of the evening being the large number of lollipops carried throughout the show and the slightly abrupt ending after the final designer.

This year the models were stronger than ever. Local beauties (stand outs including Ellis Anthony, Desiree Laidler and Liv), many modelling for the first time and doing a spectacular job, were supported by the talented backstage crew as returning BFW model Dimos explains. "A team of hardworking individuals backstage power through the hours to perfect the look on the already very beautiful models. Make-up artists, hair stylists, dressers and designers were all working round the clock to get the models out and ready on time. Backstage madness is always worth it in the end; the models graced the catwalk in their stunning garments. Brighton Fashion Week has done it once again and put on a show to remember."

I quite agree.

BFW takes place every year in May. For more information visit:
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Review by Alice Parsons. Photos courtesy of Theresa Power and Brighton Fashion Week.


MeetYourMaker said...

Hey Alice!
I come from Hastings, near Brighton, but an currently studying fashion in Manchester, so unfortunately I wasn't able to make it down for BFW...
But thankyou for your blog report!
It's great seeing what my part of the country creates!
Please check out my blog...
Annie, MeetYourMaker x

Owlstation said...

Hi Annie,
Sorry you missed BFW, the show was great! There is definitely a lot of fashion talent in Brighton! I will indeed check out your blog, I'd love to see some Manchester chic :)
Alice x

LaylaRose said...

I thought the lolly pop idea was great, cool, quirky and a bit different. Is that not what the Frocks show is meant to embody. Disappointed that the designer didn't get a mention, I thought the collection was unbelievable!!!!