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Deap Vally interview

Golden Lady gets to grips with the latest buzz band from The States:

Deap Vally, a duo hailing from the San Fernando Valley in California, have managed to create a small tidal wave of a buzz within the music industry of late. Visually it’s not hard to see why, they flitter somewhere between Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Dazed and Confused. Musically it’s even more obvious, take a dash of Sabbath, mix with a splash of Heart and a holler of Karen O and you get the very wonderful Deap Vally!

Like all super hyped bands, it usually takes one flame to ignite industry fire, as is happening now. From the creative cliques of LA to the heavy buzz of UK industry, where much revered chronicles such as The Guardian and The Independent have singled the band out as definite ones to watch. Not to mention, pioneers of great hype themselves NME Magazine, boldly labeling them “a hippie Karen O fronting Black Sabbath”.

Speaking with foxy singer Lindsey Troy, one gets the sense that both her and sassy drummer, Julie Edwards, are more than aware of the spell they’re casting. I enquire as to whether getting such a wide array of comparisons is at all overwhelming. “Our influences are so vast, it’s always interesting to hear which of them stick out to people. We're both huge Led Zeppelin fans, so getting that comparison is always exciting.”

Without having so much as released a single yet, they are already filling slots at UK festivals such as Reading, Leeds and Latitude, with a handful of shows in between. Acknowledging the achievement thus far, Lindsey tells me she’s more excited about the festivals than anything. "I love music festivals. I love the sense of community that is created. I can't wait to melt some faces.”

And speaking of community, like so many LA based creative forces, there is a definite sense of artistic fellowship which permeates. You often hear stories of actors helping out fellow musicians or vice versa and their story is no different. Their mascot being none other than indie hero/villain Vincent Gallo, who has been championing the band since their incarnation a little over a year ago, when he contacted them on Myspace to profess his love and support. He is regularly seen cheering them on at shows, where one may have also recently spotted Marilyn Manson heckling them front row ……as you do!

But they definitely take this all in their stride, never hesitating to be equally as supportive and encouraging towards those around them. “We've met a lot of very inspiring people on our journey as a band, and I would definitely say that some of them have impacted our development. For example, we have a good friend whom we met last year, a designer who goes under the name Kittinhawk [her real name is Allysun Maria Dutra], who we have formed a really fruitful creative relationship with. She has designed a number of our staple stage outfits. We all bounce ideas off one another and the end result is always amazing”

Reinforcing this positive spirit is the lyrical content and message you get from Deap Vally’s music. From lead single Gonna Make My Own Money to scorcher End of the World (“there’s no time like the present, so open up our hearts and let love shine in”), one can’t help but feel uplifted and energised. “We're very conscious of the messages we put in our songs” says Lindsey. “They empower and inspire us, and I hope that they have the same effect on others.”

Something tells me this is already happening!

Interview by Golden Lady

Deap Vally release their debut single Gonna Make My Own Money in the UK on July 30th.
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